Are you making the most of the space in your home? You may not have given it much thought, but a good carpenter can help you achieve it with clever, bespoke solutions.

We’re able to help you maximise your options for storage that’s perfectly bespoke to your property.

Whether you need something going around a chimney, a nook under the stairs or something above the stairbox in your box room, we have the carpentry solution to fit.

We start with you – what kind of storage would you need? That’s the beauty of having something made, it can be made to your exact requirements. For example we can;

  • We can put shelving in the alcoves beside a chimney with cupboard space below and fit TVs, fireplaces and entertainment systems into/onto a chimney breast.
  • Under your stairs we can build cupboards with pull out drawers for shoes & accessories.
  • We can also build cupboards that feature shelving systems with hanging space – along with custom style doors.
  • We can also build beds with storage and cupboards above the box in your box room.
  • Working from home? We can help make the most of your home office with bespoke storage solutions to help make sure you’re most productive, organised and comfortable at home.

To arrange a free quote today and discuss what carpentry work you may need, please give us a call on 07590 233211 or send us an email here.

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